Perfect Trees and Shrubs as Privacy Screens and Hedges


Yew is a dense shrubbery that reacts well when pruned. During the latter parts of winter, yew that has overgrown can be restored by doing intense pruning. If these plants were used as foundation plants, they remain short and stocky.

Because of its height and spread, they are great as hedges. It is ideal for walls in enclosed gardens because the hedge is even. It grows at a slow to medium pace.


Boxwood is a favorite among Europeans because it reacts to shaping and pruning well. Aside from being great hedge plants, they are perfect as topiaries. It has small and conifer leaves that remain neat even after clipping.

English boxwood types are easier to shape than the Korean ones. It is recommended to prune boxwood in the latter part of spring. It has different sizes and grows on a partial shade to full sunlight.


Because of its green and shiny leaves and vivid red berries, hollies are very beautiful when they are full and decorated. To have the berries, you need female hollies to cross-pollinate with the male hollies. Nevertheless, some types do not require specific sexes. It is best to plant these in acidic soil and add garden sulfur or peat.

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