Ways to Create a Butterfly Garden

Have Flowers That Are Butterfly-Friendly

Flowers that you commonly see in butterfly gardens are bright plants with shallow flowers. This kind of flower makes it easier for butterflies to gather nectar. Some butterfly-friendly flowers you can try planting are coneflowers, asters, Liatris, and milkweed.

In addition to these, you can also place some shrubs for added structure. You can consider sweetspire, viburnum, and elderberry among many others. These plants grow well in sunlight, so the butterflies benefit by having good metabolism.

Include Some Plants for Caterpillars

Most butterflies are keen on picking the plant where they will lay their eggs. Some butterflies look for plants from a specific group. Sometimes, their caterpillars eat on one plant solely. You could have an amazing butterfly garden if you blend plants rich in nectar and host plants. You do not have to think about these caterpillars damaging the plants. They are different since they rarely cause serious damage to healthy plants.

Build Puddling Stations

Puddling stations are not only a water source for butterflies but also a source of essential minerals. By having a shallow dish and placing sand or pebbles in your garden, you can attract many butterflies, especially in hot weather.

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