Landscape Inspirations for Mid-Century Style Houses

Contemporary Mid-Century

Architects such as John Lautner, Jones and Emmons, and A, Quincy Jones were the inspirations for this classic landscape. As a result, it has made mid-century inspired homes a good market in the industry.

A lot of the owners of these houses do not completely renovate. Instead, they just update to suit their lifestyles.

Some owners and designers renovate these houses by creating a space outdoors that complements the architectural feel and aesthetic of the house instead of just putting a regular lawn. They can have shrubs and trees sculpted and create plant beds that have geometric forms.

Modern Roman Atrium

In California, modern styles of mid-century houses were created for the Mediterranean weather. Therefore, some atriums can be found either in the center or entrance of a house. With this kind of inspiration, some add Asian elements into the design.

It can make the atrium appealing by building a pond with a waterfall, boulders, Having some plants, and installing a patio. You can add your own elements and preserve the classic atrium feel.

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