A Succulent Plant with Beautiful Streaked Leaves

You may have attempted to grow a succulent for your work desk or give it as a present. Nevertheless, succulents are not limited to green thick leaves. Other kinds will catch your attention. One of them is Echeveria.

It is also known as Compton Carousel or Lenore Dean. This beautiful plant is eye-catching because of its cream leaves with green streaks in the center. The edges of the leaves could also be light pink, too. Also, you do not need to pay much to add this to your home decor.

Even though most succulents and other varieties of this plant are not too difficult to grow, this type can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners. It is best to position it in a bright area.

You just need to be extra careful when moving it since it can get burned easily when moved from an area with low light. If you want to move it to a brighter place, you just need to introduce the plant to that area slowly.

You should also avoid watering the plant too much. Therefore, it will be best to completely dry out the soil when watering it. If it gets soaked in too much water, it can cause root rot. You also make sure that you plant it in a pot with drainage.

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