The Best Garden Flowers to Grow in Autumn


Before, there were misconceptions about goldenrod that it worsens hay fever. However, it was ragweed. Both goldenrod and ragweed blossoms in the same period. Therefore, this flower has a bad reputation for causing allergies.

This is one of the few flowers that bloom in autumn. Most goldenrods are grand and tall. Nevertheless, there are also short varieties of this flower. There are over 100 species for it. Goldenrods that were selectively bred do not tend to spread too much.

Balloon Flower

Although balloon flowers are included in the Campanulaceae family, their flowers are less striking. It mostly blossoms in summer. It can grow in autumn if its dead flower heads are removed. This flower begins as a bubble or fluff.

It opens up when it is time to bloom. It also blooms abundantly. Since it spreads at a slow pace, it is not annoying.  This flower is also low maintenance.

Japanese Anemone

You will see Japanese anemones in flower borders with a lot of air. Its blooming period begins in late summer until winter. The flowers of these plants are similar to paper making them look beautiful. After these plants settle in, it does not need a lot of maintenance.

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