The Best Flowers If You Suffer from Allergies


Begonias are free-flowering plants that do not shed too much pollen. It is because these are kept in a garden with shade. All the famous varieties of begonias are great for people suffering from allergies.


Azaleas depend on insects to pollinate. These flowers rarely release it towards the wind. Even though these flowers could not cause allergies, all the parts of this plant are dangerous to people. That is why it is not a good idea to put your face too closely or sniff an azalea flower.


You might be surprised to know that cactus have flowers. To create an effective seed, they need to cross-pollinate to other cacti. Nevertheless, they do not depend on wind to spread the seed. Birds and insects do that job.


The bougainvillea plants are pretty because of the petals that surround their lower. They have small, white, tube-like flowers inside the vivid petals. These plants also make very small amounts of pollen.


The scent of camellias is as nice as the flowers. They may seem to induce allergies, but it is unlikely. That is because it has both the male and female reproductive parts, so the pollen does not go very far.

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