How to Have Healthier Grass on Your Lawn

Using Herbicides at the Right Time

Herbicides or weed preventers prevent the germination of the seeds of crabgrass and other weeds. It can do a lot if you apply them early during the growing period. It is like giving a weed vaccine to your lawn.

Timing is crucial for applying herbicides because these are not effective when the weeds are starting to grow. Therefore, these must be used before the seeds of the weeds germinate. To get the best timing, check if forsythias blossom.

After they bloom, this is the time when crabgrass starts to germinate.  When you notice the flowers dropping, you can use water and corn gluten meal as your weed preventer the soonest possible.

Not Using Fertilizers

When plants grow, they use nutrients coming from the soul. Therefore, all the nutrients could be used when you clean up clippings. That is why it is important to put fertilizer. Letting the clipping decompose in the soil could help, but you still need to give additional nutrients.

You can do a soil test annually so that you can see how much you need to put. Timing is also important because grass must feed on something when they are growing.

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