Famous Annual Flowers Worth Checking Out

California Poppy

In many mixes of wildflowers, you will see that the California poppy seed is present. However, it is best to grow it as it is. Its dainty orange flowers are positioned on leaves that look like ferns.

Sweet Alyssum

If you want a beautiful flower mat, you can plant sweet alyssum. This is also ideal for the edges of your pathways, containers, or border fronts. Most of these flowers have a sweet smell which can remind you of vanilla. However, some hybrids do not grow similar to original sweet alyssum.

Blue Woodruff

Blue woodruff has small flowers that have a deep blue color. Many think of it as a wildflower. If you think of planting this, you need to keep in mind that rabbits love to eat these soft plants.


Cornflowers have a striking blue color. You might be wondering why it is called cornflower. That is because it grows in cornfields as weeds. Nevertheless, these are great for home gardens. Even though it spreads, it is easy to pull out unwanted growth.


The annual variety of candytuft is more vivid than the white flower kind. These plants bloom better in a cool climate. Therefore, it is a must to seed it in advance to let it blossom before the summer season.

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