The Best Wheelbarrow You Could Possibly Have

If you love gardening, you likely want to have a dependable wheelbarrow. It is as important as your other basic tools for gardening. A wheelbarrow makes it easy for you to put compost, spread mulch, or place some gravel.

When you plant on your flower bed, this gardening essential can be used for your perennial flower and annual plants. You can also put weeds before disposing them of to your trash bin.

Are you considering getting a wheelbarrow or want to upgrade? You can check out Marathon Yard Rover from Garden Star. It is convenient to use in virtually any gardening activities.

This wheelbarrow has 2 wheels that are filled with air in the front. Therefore, it is easier to navigate on your lawn. It is also more advantageous to use than 1-wheel wheelbarrows because there is even distribution of weight.

As a result, you will feel less clunks when you hit bumps on your yard. If you have a small space, it is also good since you can pull it from the back.

The tray can hold a weight of 33 pounds, so you can put a few more bags of soil or mulch without causing it to overload.

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